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” The belief is the soul lives on

” The belief is the soul lives on


We picked apart what went wrong at the Fyre Festival, the music festival that wasn’t. We shared the news when an ancient tomb was replaced with a picnic table. We reluctantly explained what was up with Pepe the Frog.. When children experience the deep pain of separation or death, it can be extremely healing to learn they are still connected to their loved ones by an invisible string of love. That’s the premise of the children’s book The Invisible String, written by Patrice Karst, today’s guest on the Psych Central podcast. Patrice sits down to talk with Gabe about what sparked her idea for writing this classic book as well as her subsequent books, including The Invisible Leash, a story to help kids deal with the loss of a pet.

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Both the Abolitionist and Temperance movements had outspoken and loyal and almost exclusively white followers who worked tirelessly for both causes. The Freedmen’s Aid Society had been set up by white Methodists to help those freed from slavery become educated. Carrie Nation was “hatchifying” bar after bar (while selling souvenir hatchets) in her quest to rid the world of alcohol.

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I have mentioned in several of my articles that it is important for us to drink at least 8, 8 ounce glasses of water per day. Well, let see. Today I had 4 cups of coffee, therefore I have easily drank 1/2 of the water I need in a day, coffee is made from water.

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