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Why Indulgnc

When did you last head out on a trip? And why?

What made you leave your comfortable home and cozy neighborhood, and step out to explore a new place with unfamiliar faces all around?

The answers vary widely for all of us. For some, it is the lure of new neighborhoods, for some it is the love of new flavors, some travel for alluring landscapes while some want to get up close to different cultures.

Indulgnc was born out of the curiosity for similar answers. Along with experiencing the flavors we have received from various cultures, we were always curious about their origins. Why is beer such a big deal in Belgium? Or why was the beer in Yarra Valley so different? And what made the Japanese beat the Irish and Scottish at their own game in Whisky?

There are countless such answers to be explored and tales to be told, and the more we learnt, the more respect we had for the artisans working their magic behind the scenes.

Indulgnc is our attempt to do our bit to turn the spotlight where it should always have been, at the artisans. We offer you an array of experiences across the world of Wine, Beer, Whisky, Cheese and Chocolate. We are offering the resources you need to learn more and enabling access to experiences that, so far, haven’t been easily accessible to all and on the other hand, equip the vineyards and distilleries with tools to easily manage everything so that they can focus at what they do best.

So ask more questions, try new flavors and set off on new experiences to find the answers with Indulgnc. You need to know about a the book of death